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About us
This information is intended for those who would like to know what and who is behind the Pryanik trademark. In a nutshell - everything is very simple, although at the same time difficult.

We are a married couple: Andrew and Lana.
Back in 2013, in our free time, we made a couple of lather bags for ourselves, as we wanted them to have a specific style combined with practicality and quality. The final result raised a lot of attention from our friends and many were asking to make same for them as well. That served as a beginning of our path.
It was crucially important to keep the family warmth approach to each and every product, so for the first years we were handling orders from home, keeping that "home baked" spirit regardless that demand to our products was increasing constantly. Until our baby daughter extending not only our family, but also our business.
Now our team of 10 works from a cosy "homelike" studio where we continue with our vision, focusing on quality materials, practicality and the style of our products. Every new model is being used and tested for months, before it goes to the final production. As well as various modifications of popular models always appear as we appreciate feedback from our customers.
And Yep! We always in tough and open to your questions !
Welcome to the world of leather from "PRYANIK"
Our team
All team members work together on all projects. We have assembled a friendly team of professionals in their field.
  • Andri Horchinskiy
    Founder / Designer
  • Gudzova Svetlana
    Creative Director / Founder
  • Lida
  • Agata
    Little owner
  • Natalia Petrovna
Contact us in any convenient way. We will be happy to welcome new ideas and answer your questions:
Phone: +380 63 955 53 80
Social networks: Facebook | Instagram